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[原创] [非凡新闻组供稿]The Big FSB Guildford Q&A 译文 [复制链接]


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Before we set off to play FIFA 12 last week we asked you all for any questions or things you wanted us to look out for in the “Team FSB Guildford Bound” article. The good news is that we took those questions with us and kept a close eye on the things you guys were most interested in over the two days. Obviously we can’t answer everything (licensing/embargo) and there were some duplications as well, so if we haven’t answered your specific question there will be a specific reason. And some of the answers can be found in our  comprehensive FIFA 12 Gameplay Impressions of course.
在上周开始进行FIFA 12的体验前,我们提到任何你想要了解任何东西都请写到在“Team FSB Guildford Bound”那里。好消息是,我们带着这些你们最关心的问题在哪里度过了两天。显然,我们不能回答一切(授权问题/保密协议)。所以,如果我们没有回答你们某个特定的问题,一定是因为有特殊的理由。还有,部分问题的答案我们已经写在《FIFA 12游戏初体验》的那篇文章里了。

[Andrew Tansley] Keep an eye out for the precision dribbling with players such as Messi/Ronaldo/Nasri/Iniesta who should be hopefully excel in this department. Can they dribble at speed and weave past multiple defenders to create shooting opportunities and space for team mates ?
[Andrew Tansley] 请注意一下那些擅长带球的球员比如 梅西/罗纳尔多/纳斯里/伊涅斯塔 是否在这一作里表现突出。他们能够在高速带球的同时晃过多名防守球员然后自己射门或为队友创造机会么?

Tom: Overall the precision dribbling did seem much more effective with those types of players. The code we played only included Arsenal and Chelsea, so Nasri is the only player I can pick from that bunch, but nearly everyone who played with him mentioned how great his dribbling felt compared to less skilled players.
Tom: 首先精度带球确实看起来在这类球员的身上体现的非常明显。不过我们玩的版本就只有阿森纳和切尔西可以用,所以 纳斯里 是唯一让我可以在这方面有所尝试的球员,但是所有用过他的人都注意到了在游戏中他带球的技巧和其他球员之间有巨大的差异。

[Jubal C] How does the tackling feel? In FIFA 11, I was passed a player and they tackled me from behind and still won the ball!
[Jubal C] 抢断的感觉如何?在FIFA 11,我经常在过掉一名球员之后,对方从背后成功将球铲断,坑爹啊!

Dave: Tackling actually feels really nice this year. The timed button presses make it a lot more realistic and the Contain function allows you to hold up your opponent in 1v1 situations.  The other really nice addition is that if you miss-time a tackle there is now a recovery time for that failed animation so players can actually get away from you after a challenge. That adds an element of real danger because you don’t want Messi running away from you now do you?
Dave: 今年的抢断的感觉真的很好。抢断由按键的时机来决定让一切看起来真实了许多,新的设计允许你保持和对手处于1对1的状态。另一个非常好的设计是如果你做了一次不准确的抢断,就会有硬直出现,这会允许你的对手穿越你的防区。这非常危险,你不会想让梅西这样的家伙突破你的防守,是吧?

[Red Age] Keep us informed about the graphics improvement and match day experience. EA has stated that it will have fresh and cool match day experience. What have they done to improve this?
[Red Age] 请告诉我们有关于图像方面的进步。EA说在比赛的体验方面会有全新的、很酷的改变。他们在这方面做了什么?

Tom: There are some new match intros, which you’ll either love or hate really. At this stage they will probably have a lot more work done on them, I hope so anyway, they began to tire after a day of playing if I’m brutally honest. Those things typically come later in the cycle, so not much we can say about them at the moment., k8 `3 H2 U+ ^% r& N+ x/ E
Tom: 确实有一些新的东西,你喜不喜欢就不知道了。他们应该还有许多这方面的努力正在进行中,至少我希望如此,说实话在一天的游戏后他们都累的要死。这东西应该会在之后的版本中有呈现,我们现在还并没有能体会到什么。

[Kasper] Take a look at shooting also, I sure hope they made some work there. Finesse shots always go in if they are from a certain angle and it doesnt even matter which player is shooting.
[Kasper] 也帮忙看看射门,我真的希望他们在这方面有些改进。在有些角度上技巧射门一打一个准,根本无视打门的球员是谁,这太坑爹了

Dave: Finesse shots are an interesting one because they haven’t nerfed them by any means but the heavier ball physics help to rein in their power certainly. In FIFA 11 shooting in general is quite loopy and shots dip and curl so quickly which means finesse shot are incredibly easy to score. But in FIFA 12 the shot trajectory in flatter and the curl and dip more refined. I don’t think it’s solved the problem completely but it’s definitely better.
Dave: 技巧射门是一个很有趣的东西因为他们并没有削弱这个东西的意思,但是更有重量感的球显然会对这个东西有所遏制。在FIFA 11中,兜射的旋转和下坠太过于剧烈令技巧射门太容易得分。但是到了FIFA 12,兜射的旋转和下坠都要平很多。我不认为这能完全解决这个问题,但肯定是比现在强了。

[ShakesUK] I’m not sure if there’s any dedicated (or experimental) manual players going to the playtest this year but would be cool if you could ask any guys there if the manual community has been given some love or not this year?
[ShakesUK] 我并不确定今年有没有全手动玩家参与这次测试,但如果有的话,请帮我问问今年全手动操作有没有受到什么“关照”?

Tom: I’m a manual player, Dave isn’t, so I guess I’m the only one who can answer this… I didn’t feel like much had changed. There were benefits from elsewhere such as the weighty shooting, but there wasn’t anything that made me think they had made any advancements to manual settings. There were a few issues too. Namely with first time passes or shots not being registered. This had a knock on to the quick throw ins sadly. Sometimes your input just didn’t happen, not 100% of the time, but enough to be a problem. Not great but it has been “reported back”.
Tom: 我是个手动玩家,Dave不是。所以我估计我是唯一可以回答这问题的。。。我并没有感觉到有太多的改变。确实在大力射门或者什么地方有些微的不同,但显然没有什么显著的东西让我有理由认为他们在手动操作上做出了什么改进。仍然有几个毛病存在。一脚出球和一脚射门并没有被取缔。这令快抛界外球变的很悲催。有时候你想扔却扔不进来,不是100%都会发生,但足够成为个问题。并不是大问题,但这个问题已经被“上报”了。

[Hat74] I’d like to know how the freekick system has improved?
[Hat74] 我想知道,任意球系统是否有什么改进?

Dave: I’m sorry to say that it hasn’t, well not in the build we played anyway. Free-kicks are pretty much identical in every single way.
Dave: 我很遗憾的告诉你,没有,至少我们玩的版本中没有。任意球仍然是那么回事。

[Krash] Test the new menus inside-out! the most important question here: are they responsive, snappy, and lag-free?
[Krash] 反复测试一下新的菜单!一个很重要的问题,他们是否简洁直观易用?

Dave: The new menu system is great actually and I much prefer the horizontal layout compared to a big vertical list. They certainly seem to be responsive and the awful button lag issues have been addressed. We are still stuck with the same Team Management system though which was a big disappointment given that every wants to see the back of it.
Dave: 新的菜单系统实在是伟大,我喜欢现在的布局,水平布局垂直菜单。看起来非常简洁直观但是也有严重的问题。球队管理系统还是老样子,这是对于每一个希望看到改变的人来说无疑是很大的失望。

[Wildster180774] Has the constant ability to pressure finally been resolved and the over physicality too. I fear with the Impact Engine this could even be magnified.
[Wildster180774] 疯狗流和过于注重身体对抗的问题是否得到了缓解呢?我担心在冲击引擎的作用下这个问题可能会被放大。

Tom: The impact engine did have some issues, but I don’t think over physicality was one of them. Again, we were limited with teams, but playing as Arsenal against Chelsea, I didn’t feel like the physical difference was so bad that I couldn’t complete, especially when compared to how things were in FIFA 11, it’s definately much less noticable. Tactical defending seems to have handled the pressure problem really well, but time will tell, certainly against the AI the pressure was much less prominent. Except on Legendary."
Tom: 冲击引擎确实有些毛病,但我认为身体对抗不是这个引擎会带来的毛病。我们这次只有很少的球队可以试,用阿森纳对切尔西,我(阿森纳)并没有感到身体上的差距大到让我没法玩,尤其是和FIFA 11相比改进更明显。战术防守看起来对疯狗流这个问题解决的很好,但是一切还是要看将来,显然对抗AI时身体对抗的问题被削弱了。尤其是传奇难度下。

[BC87X] Could you look out for more physical aerial duals and fouls committed in the air, which are non existent in previous FIFA’s?
[BC87X] 你能否在空中对抗时观察到更多的物理特性的体现?还有空中对抗时的犯规?以前这些东西在FIFA里都不存在

Dave: The Impact Engine definitely helps here because players now collide in the air with the same realism that they do on the ground. This makes 50/50 aerial challenges more varied and natural rather than seeming like it’s a yes/no outcome from the AI.
Dave: 显然冲击引擎在这方面帮助很大,球员从空中相撞到落地,一切变得十分真实。五五开的情况让空中对抗显得更为更为丰富和自然,而不让它看起来像一个是或否的简单计算。

[AnthonyOA] Can you pass the ball through the needle like inesta or play keep ball like Xavi, now?
[AnthonyOA] 你现在能否像哈维和伊涅斯塔一样在缝隙中传出精准的直塞?

Dave: Yes and no. When you pick up the ball with some one like Fabregas (didn’t try Xavi) you can certainly pass with better accuracy and pace than your standard player. That’s the Pro Player Personality kicking in and it’s really nice to see and feel. But I still think passing needs a bit more pace at the top end because it can feel quite pedestrian at times particularly when you’re trying to thread passes. So yes
Dave: 是也不时。当你用法布雷加斯(没试过哈维)这样的球员得球时,相比其他球员你显然可以将球传的更加精确和致命。这是P+系统带来的东西,感觉确实不错。但我仍然认为球在其轨迹的最高点时需要更多的速度,有时你尝试过顶的时候仍会感觉球不够给力。所以答案是肯定的。

[Drjohnnyboy] Do CPU opponents make errors in passing the ball? Not just having passes intercepted by you but actually passing too far ahead or behind their teammates?
[Drjohnnyboy] CPU的对手是否会在传球上出现失误呢?并不光是直接把球传给你,而是指是否会在传给他们的队友时出现偏离的现象?

Dave: The CPU sort of did this in FIFA 11 but it was always in exactly the same areas (touchline) so it never felt like genuine inaccuracy. Personally I wouldn’t want inaccuracy scripted in, in that fashion because it should be part of normal play for us and the CPU. We’d need much more time with the game to determine how this is working.j
Dave: CPU对手其实在FIFA 11里就会这样了,不过因为总是在相同区域(边线附近)发生这种事所以给人的感觉并不像是传疵了。个人认为,不需要加入这种“传疵”的设计,因为它应该作为我们和CPU的正常发挥的一部分。我们需要花费更多的时间在游戏上来确认这是否奏效。

[PompeyFcPlayer] Can you now ‘win’ headers rather than the goal keeper plucking the ball out of the air every time? At times tall strikers should be able to out jump a stretching goal keeper to win the ball.
[PompeyFcPlayer] 你现在能否在和守门员试图将球击出的时候“赢得”头球?有时,高大前锋应该能够从试图单手解围的守门员面前赢得一次头球。

Dave: Interesting one this because playing against Tom I did manage to challenge a keeper from a cross, get in front of them and score. Now that’s not a definitive answer because it only happened once but based on the code we played it’s certainly possible now and goalkeepers no longer claim the ball by default from crosses.
Dave: 这是个有意思的问题,因为在和Tom进行游戏的过程中我确实成功的在一次传中球中赢过守门员,卡在守门员前面得球并得分。这并不能让人很肯定,因为这只发生过一次,但根据我们所测试的版本来看,显然传中球(靠近门将的)不再像以前一样默认的会被守门员没收。

[unsub823] So basically, did they actually make it so you can do quick throw-ins or did I just make this up?
[unsub823] 所以,在这一作中你可以快速将边线球掷入场内了,还是我在胡思乱想?

Tom: No you didn’t make it up, it’s in there and seems to work pretty well. I did have some issues with them using manual controls, but that seemed to be a problem with first time balls in general, none of the assisted players seemed to have that problem. As a mechanic it works well and whilst it isn’t exactly a huge addition, it does what you’d expect it to do.
Tom: 不,你没有,这一切确实可以做到,而且感觉很不错。我确实在使用全手动控制时碰到了一些问题,但这应该是第一时间触球造成的,那些运用辅助系统的玩家似乎没有碰到过这样的问题。它运作良好,虽然它不完全是一个巨大的改进,但确实是你会期望的改进

[Gazinho] I would like to see more info on goalkeepers. Do they have more individuality, i.e do they dominate on corners, pass the ball short all the time or have long throws for good distribution?
[Gazinho] 我想了解更多的关于守门员的信息。他们是否更有个性了呢?比如在控制了角球后,会不会总是短传或者通过长距离手抛球来为队友寻找机会?

Tom: Aside from a few new animations, I didn’t see anything that stood out as being different with the keepers, aside from what was mentioned above. Sorry.
Tom: 增加了一些新的动作,但我并没有看到守门员有什么类似于你提到的显眼的改变。抱歉。

[Strikerx10] test the new feature shielding whilst dribbling, can become an exploit in online games?
[Strikerx10] 测试一下新的护球系统,这会不会成为线上游戏中的一个漏洞?

Dave: We did test it and I can’t see it becoming an exploit online in it’s current state to be honest because you can’t shield forever and maintain possession continually. Eventually the defender behind you will work around you, or a secondary defender will take the ball from the side or front. What it does do though is buy you those few precious seconds to hold things up and allow the midfield to join in. In FIFA 11 you couldn’t hold up play at all so this system is a big plus. The strength of shielding also depends on which player you’re using.
Dave: 我们确实测试了这个系统,我并不认为它会成为线上对战中的问题,因为你不能一直护球,不能永远的扛住对手。事实上,被你卡在身后的防守者会试图绕过你,或者另一个防守者会从侧面或者正面将球抢走。无论如何,这确实可以为你争取几秒钟的时间来决定下一步做什么,也给了中场队员切入的机会。在FIFA 11中你没有办法真正的发挥这个系统,所以这也是个大改进。护球的能力也与你使用的球员是谁直接相关。


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